AdventFM – Transmitting since June 2002

The AdventHour now known as AdventFM started broadcasting in June 2002.  AdventFM is the radio arm of Advent Broadcasting Network(ABN) and is a non- profit ministry run by a team from different parts of the UK with a passion for doing God’s work. ABN has been sustained by the financial commitment of its members, and donations from listeners, and viewers.

From very humble and exciting beginnings, AdventFM is growing from strength to strength. Our aim and motto is to transmit messages of hope to a world that is losing hope, to be able to make a significant impact on the lives of all members of the community regardless of cultural, sociological, or religious background. In an age of increasing technological advances, we need to use all available and appropriate means to reach people be they friends or strangers with the information and messages that we believe are important for all.

If you share this vision, then why not get involved and support us. Contact us today!