A Grandma’s Words

“I lay upon my prison bed

Pillow damp with tears I shed;

With aching heart and in despair

I cried, “My God there’s none who cares.”

Twas then I heard a gentle voice,

Which made my weary heart rejoice,

“Oh yes!” she said, “God’s only Son has cared for you since day begun.

He’ll give you grace each trial to bear,

If you appeal to him in prayer!”

I prayed and prayed far in the night

And prayed through I saw the light.

So now I’m happy every day,

Happy to serve in a humble way

A Saviour born in a lowly place,

Born to die for the human race.

And if I in my feeble way

Can point to Him one who’s gone astray

I’ll feel I’ve not lived in vain

Although I’ve done some deeds of shame.

To grandma dear I give all praise,

She led me to the throne of grace

Daily now I sing His praise

Because she filled a mothers place.”

Author Unknown 

No matter what the circumstance God is with you always (Matt 28:20). He can help you through your rough times and good times.

Even though we may not always feel Him, just as the Grandma looked out for the young man, so Jesus will be with you in time of need, it may not always seem obvious but remember He is always with you.

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