10:00am It Is Written – 7:30pm Evenings (GMT)

It Is Written Host: Pastor John Bradshaw Description: It Is Written is dedicated to sharing insights from God’s Word to meet people’s needs through the living Christ. It is a half hour internationally syndicated weekly broadcast.

7:00am HeartWise (9:30am Weekends) – Evenings 7:00pm (GMT)

HeartWise Hosts: Charles Mills & Tim Kochis interview Dr. Jim Marcum Description: This lively 30 minute broadcast provides you with Truth, Love & Healing. If you want to feel great and live a life that’s full of energy and joy listen to HeartWise and begin to really live!

12:00pm Discoveries – Evenings 9:30pm (GMT)

Host: Mark Finley Description: Join Mark Finley, the speaker for Hope Channel International Television, for an incredible journey through time. You will be amazed at recent archaeological discoveries that confirm the truthfulness of God’s Word.

1:00pm Message Of Hope – Evenings 10:30pm (GMT)

This broadcast will bring you inspiring hope-filled messages from God’s Word! Each speaker will help you grow in your walk with the Lord. You’ll find hope for these times in God’s Word!

5:00pm Pioneer Memorial Church(Fridays & Weekends) (GMT)

Pioneer Memorial Church Host: Pastor Dwight Nelson Pioneer is an international church that represents more than 200 countries. So no matter where you’re from, you’re invited to worship with us on AdventFM. This weekly worship service will provide thoughtful, inspiring, and Bible-based messages from Pastor Dwight Nelson, senior pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church located […]

6:00pm Thursdays (11am Weekends) – Mad About Marriage (GMT)

We are excited to bring you ‘Mad About Marriage’ with Mike & Gayle Tucker. Broadcasts will start airing on AdventFM every Thursday at 6pm from 30th January 2014(12am repeat). Repeated weekends at 11am, and 11pm (GMT).     Some of the many topics covered this series include: Negative Communication Forgiveness Finances and Unemployment Pornography Anger Love […]

4:00pm Your Story Hour (GMT)

Your Story Hour Hosts: Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan Description: Dramatized half hour stories taken from sacred and secular history and true-life situations, build character and equip today’s youth for life’s challenges and good decision-making. Your Story Hour provides wholesome character-building entertainment for the whole family.